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Pest Control Services in Norwich, North Norfolk and surrounding areas

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Queen Wasps emerge from hibernation in early spring in search of a suitable nest site, commonly in loft spaces, air bricks, out buildings but will also construct nests in hedges and in the ground. Nests can contain many thousands of wasps. If in doubt DO NOT APPROACH! Same day service available, from domestic homes to commercial businesses and schools. Treatment times to suit your needs and minimize disruption, ie to treat wasp nests after school closing hours and public houses before opening hours. Contact us for an immediate response or for an instant quotation, with no hidden charges.


We use traditional trapping methods of control; this allows the customer to see evidence of success. From gardens to large estates, whatever the size of infestation. From one-off site clearance to annual contracts. Contact us for a free survey.


Rats will enter properties through open cavities at ground level, they are able to climb shrubs and gain access under roof tiles. This burrowing mammal is equally at home in your loft, wall cavities and under floors. Treatment includes eradication and where possible exclusion. Contact us for a free survey.


Mice will enter properties through gaps as small as 6mm and commonly make nests in cavities and in the back of fridges and freezers. Mice have between 5 and 8 litters per year, an average litter consists of 5 to 8 young. Contact us for a free survey.

Cluster Flies

Cluster flies enter loft voids and cavities in autumn to hibernate for the winter, sometimes in their thousands; they awaken in spring and although harmless may cause a nuisance in properties. Contact us for a free survey.


Specialising in agricultural rabbit control and exclusion to prevent rabbits from destroying your valuable crops.  Methods used from gassing and shooting to permanent rabbit exclusion netting. No estates too large, contact us for a free survey.

Grey Squirrels

Squirrels will enter lofts to build nests (dreys) and cause damage by gnawing timbers, ceilings and electrical wiring: they sometimes drown in water tanks. Contact us for a free survey.


Fox control only offered for agricultural locations. Contact us for a free survey.